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Fahrenheit 451 - Christopher Hurt, Ray Bradbury 4.5 stars for Fahrenheit 451! I am amazed at how current this book seemed, and I was struck by the powerful themes explored in the story. The afterword and coda presented at the end of this book were excellent, interesting additions to the original edition. The backstory that Bradbury provides for Beatty in the afterword was, I thought, especially enlightening, and it struck a chord with me at this moment in my life. As always with a Ray Bradbury book, I was mesmerized by the poetic quality of his prose.

I listened to this book on audiobook, and it was narrated by Christopher Hurt. Hurt's narration style works beautifully with Bradbury's works, and I honestly think that listening to him read these books enhances the poetic quality of them. Bradbury's works translate wonderfully to an audio format.