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Dinosaurs Before Dark (Magic Tree House, No. 1) - 'Mary Pope Osborne',  'Sal Murdocca' Apparently my niece has read this one before, and she enjoyed it, so there's not much point in continuing with the story. Neither she nor her brother seem particularly engaged with the story. I read the whole book in about 15 minutes, so if the kids aren't engaged, then I see no point in continuing to read this one aloud to them.

My niece said that she did like the story the first time she read it, and I know that there was a period of time that she was enthusiastic about these Magic Tree House books, but I think I'm just stepping in with them too late for her to truly be engaged by them.

I sort of thought my nephew would be interested in this story, since it's about dinosaurs, but he doesn't care about it at all. He thumbed through it on his own, looked at all the pictures in the book, commented about T-Rex being a really big dinosaur, and apparently that's all he needed.

I thought the story was better constructed than some of the recent stories we've read in the A to Z Mystery series, I certainly liked the dialog better, but this story just sort of... fell off a cliff and ended. Maybe we'll try this series when my nephew is older, but this time I'll make sure not to miss that window when his interest will be the highest.