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Bad Kitty vs Uncle Murray - Nick Bruel Oh, boy. How am I going to rate Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray? My niece *adores* the Bad Kitty books, and my nephew likes Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray in particular. Both kids laugh their heads off at Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray. In addition, my niece likes to read Bad Kitty books aloud, and I have noticed an improvement in her expression and fluency, so it's really hard for me to say what I'm going to say next about Bad Kitty.

I cannot stand these books! I love that the kids love them (hence the four stars), but these books drive me to the brink of insanity! I believe I told my sister, "Bad Kitty makes me suicidal!" I just don't like the almost comic book nature of them, I don't like the choppiness of the stories, and I don't like the repetitiveness of them. When my niece pulls one out and asks me if she can read it to me, inside I scream and run from the room! On the outside, though, I choose to encourage her, and say, "Sure!!" But a part of me dies with the turn of each and every page. There just *have* to be funny books out there that are better written than these Bad Kitty books! If there are, I hope my niece finds them *fast*!