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Iron Lake - William Kent Krueger I would probably give Iron Lake 3.5 stars. There were parts of the story that were very exciting and engaging, and the mysteries in this book were good and well constructed. I came to care about the main character, his girlfriend, his children, and a host of other characters.

There were parts of the story, though, that were hard for me to swallow. For an ex-sheriff Cork sure contaminated a lot of crime scenes, tampered with evidence, and somehow managed to come away without any repercussions from law enforcement. All I could think about was, "Well, now they'd never be able to use *that* at a trial!" Whatever. Justice was served in the end anyway. I also felt a little whiplash with all of the twists that the story took, and at some points I thought I'd not be able to keep all the storylines straight. The author managed to bring everything together pretty well, though, and I can't say that I'm left feeling dissatisfied with the wrap up.

The audiobook that I listened to was narrated by Jerry Sciarrio. Initially I felt his reading was very fast and somewhat clipped, but as the story unfolded the narrator grew on me. His portrayals of the children's voices were particularly well done--he must have a teenager or two of his own--he had their tones and speech patterns down pat.

Overall, a decent book that has a story and some characters that are not bad to spend time with. I imagine I'll read the next Cork O'Connor mystery.