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Robot Zot! - Jon Scieszka, David Shannon The kids liked this book. My nephew liked it because he likes robots, and because it was a colorful action-packed book, just the sort of thing that appeals to him. He laughed in places, but I'm not sure exactly how much of this book he really understood. At times it seemed like he understood what was going on, other times he seemed confused. But then, so was I, so I can't say I blame him.

My niece liked it because it was a colorful action-packed book that she thought was funny and clever.

I did not like this book. Crimony, it was hard to read! First of all, I had to read it in a mechanical robot voice to make the "sound" of the story any good at all. Secondly, it was sometimes tough to tell where the voice of Zot ended and the voice of the narrator began. My niece struggled with this as well when I asked her to read it out loud to her brother the second time through (I couldn't bring myself to read it again). Thirdly, I just didn't like the text! It was too... I don't know... Nutty? Clumsy? Boopie and beepie, perhaps?

I just had a viscral dislike of this book that I can't explain. All I know is I'd really like to give this one one star, but the kids liked it too much for that one star to be justified. Besides, the illustrations weren't bad, and certainly warrant more than one star.