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Mouse Mess - Linnea Asplind Riley My nephew really enjoyed Mouse Mess! He laughed at the little mouse's antics, and he said, "Amy, this is my favorite book! I want to bring it home and read it in my room!" He sat his little stuffed mouse down beside him because he thought Mousie would also enjoy this story. I think Mousie did like it quite a lot. :-)

Although this story is well below my niece's reading level, she also enjoyed the story. She especially liked the pictures, which are bright, fun, works of art, really. She enjoyed how some of the illustrations spilled across the pages, using as much space as was effective. At one point she commented, "I really like how the pictures look like stuff is dripping onto the words. That's pretty creative."

Really a cute book, highly appropriate for pre-school aged kids and stuffed mice.