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Once Upon a Royal Superbaby - Kevin O'Malley, Carol Heyer, Scott Goto It is tough for me to give Once Upon a Royal Superbaby four stars, but I feel that I have to. The kids really enjoyed this one. They really enjoyed the story (or stories) going on in this book, they enjoyed the awesome pictures, and they liked how the author and illustrators just do good job of merging "girl stories" and "boy stories" in order to come up with "a story."

So, the kids liked it. I, on the other hand, didn't care as much for Once Upon a Royal Superbaby as I did for Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude. In fact, if I weren't reviewing based on my niece and nephew's reactions, I'd probably give this one two stars. I don't think that the "girl story" in this one was written with the same level of authenticity as the "boy story" was. I could easily imagine a "boy story" about a character named Strong Viper, but I *am* a female, and I can't think of any fairy tales that involve the queen taking the king home decor shopping! The "girl story" here didn't feel like a *girl* was telling it. It felt like it was a story being told by a husband who is passively aggressively resenting that his wife recently domesticated him and dragged him to Linens 'n' Things or something! The author should have done as Kathleen's son does, and worked on his voice and fluency here. Also, I never did buy the baby as the hero. That was kind of... strange. But the kids did, and this book was written for them, not for me.