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Library Lil - Suzanne Williams,  Steven Kellogg (Illustrator) My niece was very clear that I should give Library Lil four stars. She said to me, "I thought this one was going to be kind of boring, but it's not! It was really good and funny!" Libary Lil also seemed to appeal to my nephew. At first he didn't care about the book too much, but once motorcycles were invovled, he was hooked and listened to the story to the end. Both kids seemed to be quite interested in this story.

While the story is lots of fun, what impressed me about this book was the language! If there were opportunities to use simpler words, the author chose the more challenging ones. At no time did she assume that her readers didn't have the intelligence to understand what they were reading, and she made the obvious choice to not dumb the text down for kids. This is so rare, and I really appreciate authors who not only engage kids, but who treat them as intelligent people!

All in all, a great book, especially if you strive to build your child's vocabulary, or seek out books that honor their intelligence.