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King Bidgood's in the Bathtub - Audrey Wood, Don Wood The niece says this one gets three stars, and I think I agree with her on that point. Both of the kids really seemed to be into this story. Maybe it's because they can identify with not wanting to get out of the bathtub once they get in. We were all worried, however, that King Bidgood was going to get a little pruney from all his time in the tub, which is something the kids can also identify with.

The kids laughed in several places, and they were both quite taken with the pictures (which are very pretty). Each seemed to have a favorite scene, and after we read the book they sat down together and looked in more detail at the pictures. There was a lot that we didn't see the first time through! Both kids thought the ultimate solution to the problem of getting King Bidgood out of the tub was both funny and brilliant--this is probably also something they can identify with!

As for me, I enjoyed the pictures in the book, but the story itself was a little "eh." I was actually a little surprised that the kids found this one to be as funny as they seemed to find it, but I probably need to go through this one more slowly and read it with the eyes of a child. Then I'd probably see what they see.