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Bubba, The Cowboy Prince - Helen Ketteman, James Warhola Bubba, The Cowboy Prince is your classic "Cinderella Story," but... Not. This retelling of that classic is surprising, creative, funny, and touching.

My nephew heard "Cowboy" in the title and was all over that. Then he heard "Prince" in the title, and immediately he did not want anything to do with this story. But Bubba is such a charming character, and the pictures are so lovely and engaging, that by the end of the story he was asking me to read the tale again! He even said, "That book is really good!"

Like every girl, my niece knows Cinderella, so she figured out right away that this was a Cinderella story. She thought that the author's creativity and "spin" on this story was just great! This one was a lot of fun for both kids, regardless of their gender, and I really enjoyed it, too! We'll be looking for more of Helen Ketteman's books!