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The Ice Princess - Camilla Läckberg, Steven T. Murray I'd prefer to give The Ice Princess 2.5 stars, but...

This was a good, solid mystery, decently told and full of red herrings. The denouement was a surprise, and not. The author skillfully manipulated the plot so that any outcome she chose would have seemed perfectly plausible and perfectly acceptable. In this respect I enjoyed the book and the author's craftsmanship.

That said, however, I never really came to care about any of the characters. I felt that they were all somehow flat and a little unrealistic. Some of Erika's actions in particular were weird and unbelievable, so yeah. Character development could have used some enrichment, I think.

The story also took much longer than I think it really needed to. There were large chunks of the book in which the characters became privy to information that for some reason was kept from the reader for pages and pages and pages, only to be revealed pages and pages later with no apparent reason for why it couldn't have been revealed when the characters knew it.

Also, the book did contain a lot about harm to children. I just don't like stories like that. I do not enjoy reading about kids being hurt in any way. I did sort of know that this book had something to do with the childhoods of some of the characters, so I probably should have avoided it, but I was hopeful that it wouldn't be what it was. That harm was integral to the story, but eh. Not really my cup of tea.