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The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova This book was really kind of lame. It was entertaining enough, and it was certainly better than listening to the news of how our American Congress can't seem to get its act together and work together like everyone else on the planet has to do with their co-workers, but I digress. The book was a good distraction and a good time killer. The story was, well, ridiculous, but I was in the mood for something that didn't really require me to particularly think or feel. It worked for that.

I listened to this story in audiobook format, and I'm glad I chose this format as opposed to tradional print format, because I don't think the story would have held my attention in print format. This story *needed* the blood (no pun intended) of living narrators in order to keep things from getting too boring or too ridiculous. In other words, the voices grounded the story. Most of the narrators of this story were very good, and all of the narrators narrating in foreign accents were excellent. The gentleman who was doing the narration for the character Paul, however, left quite a bit to be desired, I thought. He's a leading character, but the narrator really sounded like he was *reading* the text, and not acting it like many of the other narrators did. He was a fine narrator for a supporting character, but his style wasn't leading character, in my opinion, and I was aware of him as the narrator first, and as Paul second. I also had problems with the narrator voicing the character of Paul's daughter. This character is supposed to be a 16 year old girl, but the narrator's voice was far too mature for this character. She sounded like a mature woman, well aware of herself and of the world, and even your smartest, most mature teenagers don't sound like that. I'm not saying she needed to be a child, but when she gets tingles because a cute guy holds her hand, I'd like to believe that this is the first time that's really happened to her. This narrator's rich, deep, calm voice just couldn't make the innocence, vulnerability, and youth of this girl believable.