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Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude - Kevin O'Malley, Carol Heyer, Scott Goto This is a great book for anyone who has to read stories to little boys and little girls simultaneously. One book to satisfy two different storytime tastes, no fuss, no muss!

My nephew and niece both really enjoyed this story, although I think they did so on different levels. My niece exclaimed, "That is the coolest book! It's so funn-ay!" (Sadly, the Valley Girl lilt is starting to make an appearance in her speech patterns). She laughed in several places, asked me to re-read the book to her and her brother, and then read it on her own. She understood the difficulty that the two genders often have in seeing eye-to-eye, and she enjoyed how the kids in the story finally arrived at a compromise, even if it was a short-lived one. She enjoyed the pictures and the creativity of the book.

I could tell that my nephew was into the story, but his little three-year-old brow was furrowed, and it was clear that his little wheels were working at trying to piece together what exactly was happening in this book. He got that the kids were telling a story, and he got the gist of the story they were telling. He did not understand that the kids in the story were locked in a story-telling battle of the sexes, which is fine. The book worked for him just as a face-value story. Well done to the author and illustrators of this tale!