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The Book That Eats People - John   Perry, Mark Fearing My review from the point of view of the children first: My seven year-old niece really liked this book. She was completely engaged by the story, she giggled often at the pictures, and she really appreciated the effort that the writer and illustrator put into making it a great kid "horror" story for her. When we were done reading the book, she decided to take the book and play librarian with it, which delighted me! An absolute hit with her.

On one hand this book scared my three-year old nephew, (which I proably should have anticipated), but on the other hand, he also thought the book was kind of funny, especially when I made it pretend to eat my nose or his sister's finger. The story and illustrations engaged him too, but he just doesn't have the development yet to fully understand that it's just a story.

From the adult point of view, I thought this was a very creative book that told a great story, and had really fun illustrations. I'm a librarian, and I got a huge kick out of library-oriented illustrations in the book, and I really appreciated the effort that the author and illustrator went to to make the story fun for the grown-ups too. I liked that this book stood proud as a horror story for kids and didn't talk down to them, and it really didn't pull any punches. It's not a shrinking violet of a tale, that's for sure! A fantastic book, but **not** for younger kids or for older kids that tend to scare.