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Shark vs. Train - Chris Barton, Tom Lichtenheld Shark vs. Train surprised me a bit. I really wasn't expecting the kids to really like this book that much, but I was wrong. The text is pretty funny, the pictures are cute and easy for kids to process, and my 3 year old nephew got the concept of this book right away. Both kids were very interested to see who was going to come out on top in this contest between unlikely rivals.

This book is another that is perhaps a little challenging to read out loud, though. There are several conversational "bubbles" above the characters' heads throughout the story, and those are just always hard to translate to the kids without losing the flow of the story. I found myself having to include words in the story to make the transition between the narrator and the conversations between the characters more seamless. I just find books with this kind of approach to dialog to be a little harder to read out loud.