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Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down - Andrea Davis Pinkney, Brian Pinkney Very well done book. My niece learned about MLK Jr. and Rosa Parks this year, and she immediately grasped what was presented in this book. I asked her lots of questions about what she was hearing and seeing here, and this enabled me to confirm that she was understanding what this story was telling. I was thrilled when I asked her what the people were sitting-in for and she responded, "for respect." She got the point.

This story provided a great starting point for us to talk about the civil rights movement, and what the people who were fighting for their rights might have been feeling and thinking. The story definitely toned down the fear and violence that were associated with the civil rights movement, which I understand for a child's book. That said, there were enough opportunities provided here for me to really make my own decision about how in-depth I wanted to go with her in disucssing that violence and fear. My niece is smart and inquisitive. I opted to expanded on what was given to us in the story.

I *loved* that at the end of the book the author included a photo of the participants of the actual Woolworth's lunch counter sit-in. This photo really brought home to my niece that this story was about real flesh and blood people, and about their bravery in the face of peril and adversity. The look on her face as she processed that photo was priceless.

Many, many opportunities for discussion can be found in this book. It's a stirring and thought-provoking story, and for kids who like non-fiction (as my niece informed me she does--I had no idea), it's a great read.