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The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig - Eugene Trivizas, Helen Oxenbury My niece and nephew both liked this book. My niece is older and is familiar with The Three Little Pigs, so she really enjoyed how this book turned that tale on its head. She laughed at several of the twists and turns, and she was eagerly anticipating how the Three Little Wolves would outsmart the Big Bad Pig. I think the story really lost steam for her, though, with the building of the final house, and the pig's conversion to gentleness. I do think she appreciated the story a great deal, but I imagine she would have spun a different ending.

My nephew loved all the construction going on in the book and liked looking at the work the wolves were doing to build their dwellings. He was always looking for the the appearance of the Big Bad Pig, and he enjoyed the goings-on. The story was probably just a little too advanced for him, though, and he did lose interest about 2/3 of the way through. Not the story's fault. What he stuck with he enjoyed.

All in all, a cute story, and a clever and creative retelling of a classic. Lovely illustrations, and a fun sense of humor.