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The Eleventh Hour - Graeme Base This is a good mystery story for older young kids. My niece and I read it together, and we enjoyed the story. I pre-read the book before I read it with her, and I admit, I had to "cheat" and look at the key in the back of the book to discover the answer to the mystery. I don't think that the clues presented themselves very readily, and that's a good thing in a mystery. If this were an adult mystery, I'd think it was great! In a *children's* mystery story, however, maybe a few *slightly* more obvious clues would have been good--I'm not saying the challenge should have been removed, but an easier bone every now and then would have been welcome. In short, my niece enjoyed the book, but I know she would not have found any of the clues on her own. Beautiful illustrations (of course), and as another reviewer mentioned, the rhyming text was outstandingly well done! The illustrations and well-crafted text raises this from a three star to a four star for me.