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Wreath of Deception - Mary Ellen Hughes Let me start by saying that I had this mystery figured out very early in the story (hence the three stars instead of four), and usually that significantly lowers my opinion of a mystery book. Despite this drawback, however, I was very surprised to realize that I still rather enjoyed this little book! I just couldn't wait for my bus rides so I could pick it up and keep reading!

I thought the central characters were well drawn. I was engaged in the stories surrounding the lives of Carrie and her family, and I was engaged in Jo's struggles to overcome past and present difficulties. The central characters seemed realistic and belivable to me, and the fact that they spent so much time in a craft store, well, doesn't everyone? :-) I really enjoyed that Carrie's teenage son played such an important role in the unfolding of this story, and that as a teenager he was not relegated to the figurative children's table. I found that to be a refreshing element, and I think that helped hook me into the story.

All in all, an enjoyable read, and I'll be back for more Craft Corner Mysteries!