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Dirty Sexy Politics - Meghan McCain I listened to this book on audio book. I liked Meghan McCain's account of what life was like for her on the 2008 campaign trail. There are a lot of places in the book where Meghan comes across as superficial. But she doesn't come across as any more superficial than the political environment that she grew up in, where looks matter and every inch of a candidate or their family is scrutinized. After reading many passages where Meghan comes across as superficial, she would then surprise me with a unique insight, a thought-provoking obeservation, or with what for her amounted to an "ah-ha" moment, or a moment of personal growth. I enjoyed those moments, and the passages of superficiality made the deeper passages even more potent. I saw this juxtaposition of superficiality and depth as allegorical of our political culture.

I found Meghan's honesty very refreshing. I loved that she put herself out there, good, bad, beautiful, and ugly without shame. She says that her philosophy is "There are no secrets," and I felt like she painted herself more harshly than she did anyone else in the book. She was, I thought, her own toughest critic, which I think shows great humility and strength. I also enjoyed Meghan's sense of humor, and I really found the passages where she spoke about her love for her father and mother to be very sweet and moving.

I think I expected this book to be more about political issues, and I would have liked more of that in this book. Still, I enjoyed the perspective of looking at a campaign through the eyes of a child of the candidate, and I appreciate that Meghan McCain showed us the Meghan behind the political prop, even when that Meghan was less attractive than the prop.