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Three Stations: An Arkady Renko Novel (Arkady Renko Novels) - Martin Cruz Smith I love all of the other Arkady Renko books. They are all great reads, challenge your mind, and the characters are all excellently crafted. The stories are engaging.

I *hated* this one. This book was nothing like the other Arkady Renko books. Arkady didn't even feel like Arkady. I don't like reading books that involve pedophilia, and this one was loaded with it (my fault for picking it up to begin with--I should have read more about what the book contained first). The language was very vulgar and not nearly as well used or created as in the other books in the series. There were essentially two mysteries going on in this story, and both were transparent and uninteresting.

That all said, the book was a page turner. I think that's possibly because it was just an easier read than all of the other Renko books, certainly shorter, the language and *meaning* less complex, and possibly because I just wanted it to end. By far the weakest book in the series. Blah.