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Death on Demand (Death on Demand Mysteries, No. 1) - Carolyn Hart This story was ok. It was enjoyable enough, I liked the male main character (Max) quite well, and the female main character (Annie) was ok, too, although at times I found her to be far less of a believable character than Max. I also had the murderer figured out almost immediately, which is a bit of a strike against it for me.

The problem I had was the *constant* references to various mystery titles, authors, characters through out this entire book. This might possibly be clever if the reader was familiar with those titles/authors/characters, and some of them I was familiar with. But by and large, that technique broke the flow of the story for me and made me feel like the author of this book was trying to give her book more gravitas by throwing those references into the story. I am sure that's not what the author's intent was, but that's how it came off to me, and after awhile, it was just annoying.

Would I read another book in this series? I'd probably give it one more shot--the story did read fast and it was enjoyable. If all books in the series are like this, however, one more shot is all it will get.