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Kat Kong

Kat Kong - Dav Pilkey Kat Kong was so funny! I loved this book, and was impressed with how relatively true to King Kong it was (with large cat in place of large ape, and tiny mice in place of tiny people, of course).

My niece and nephew aren't familiar with King Kong, so Kat Kong was an entirely new experience for them, and they enjoyed the tale tremendously. They were completely engaged by this story, but of course, some of the parody was lost on them.

My nephew did allow his true nature to come through, however, when Kat Kong was transporting Rosie (a little mouse in the Fay Wray role) to the top of the building. As Kat Kong clung to Rosie my nephew commented, "Yeah, yeah, yeah... Just hurry up and eat her." SIGH.... Boys....