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Motorcycles (Blastoff! Readers: Mighty Machines)

Motorcycles - Derek Zobel Well, was this ever exciting for my nephew and me! The boy was beside himself with all of the cool motorcycles in this book, and he had comments on nearly all of them. He is of the opinion that side cars, "look weird," and that the oh, what are they called?... windshields (I can't remember the correct term) are pretty much useless for keeping wind out of the driver's faces because, "the wind can just go in on the sides." What can I say? He's an astute kid!

Motorcycles was pretty well written, and it's sure to be a hit with any little kid who is into vehicles. Many different types of bikes were highlighted, from travel bikes, dirt bikes, racing bikes, and even scooters. Various parts of a motorcycle were featured, as well, and the pictures were bright, vivid, and interesting.