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Ruthie's Rude Friends - Jean Marzollo, Claudio Marzollo, Susan Meddaugh Ruthie's Rude Friends is a little tough to rate. I really liked the idea of a sci-fi easy reader, because frankly, those are kind of tough to find (at least I think so). This was my niece's first introduction to a lengthier sci-fi book, and she really enjoyed that. Maybe she's a sci-fi kinda girl.

The book does have some exchanges between Ruthie and her "frenemies" that are kind of tough to read. The kids are nasty and hurtful to each other, and they are rude and inconsiderate of each other's feelings and differences. And frankly, Ruthie is kind of a brat. It's not a terribly P.C. book, but kids are often this way to one another.

Despite the discomfort I experienced when reading this to my niece and nephew, I have to say, the message at the end is good, and in the end all the children do take responsibility for their own poor behavior (and this is key) on their own, and without prompting from an adult! In other words, the kids learn their own lessons and make their own discoveries in this story. There's a lot to like here, and a lot to dislike--adults may want to read this one first, and decide if it's appropriate for their children.