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Make Way For Dumb Bunnies

Make Way For Dumb Bunnies - Sue Denim, Dav Pilkey Make Way for Dumb Bunnies was my niece's library pick today. Uh, well, I guess it was ok for her. She thought it was funny, and she's getting to that age where she's able to see the subtle things that make a joke funny, so she thought this book was hysterical and clever.

As for me, I am never going to read another Dumb Bunnies book again! This story was asinine, which I get it's supposed to be, but I just hated this book! I thought it was pointless, mean-spirited, and annoying! My sister heard me reading this to my niece and nephew and she said, "Don't you screen these books before you read them to the kids?!" Well, normally, yes. I didn't today, and boy, do I ever regret it!