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Simplified Housekeeping Directions for Homemakers

Simplified Housekeeping Directions for Homemakers - Cleanliness Bureau of the Soap and Detergent Association,  United States Department of Housing and Urban Development This U.S. government publication was awesome! I'm pretty sure that my mother must have had a hand in writing this book, because she, like the lady in this booklet, is a cleaning fiend! Most women in today's world don't have the time or luxury (or desire?) to keep house quite as militantly as this work indicates they should, so the value here is mostly nostalgic. Although, if you ever do feel inclined to completely disassemble your stove and clean every single part of it on a monthly basis, this book will tell you how to do it. It also reminds you to wash your broom in sudsy water until it, too, shines like the top of Mr. Clean's head.