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Older than The Stars - Karen C. Fox, Nancy Davis My niece loves science (thank God). When we went to the library today, she wanted a non-fiction book about astronomy, and my nephew (who is extremely talented at choosing good books) randomly pulled this off the shelf, handed it to his sister, and said, "Here you go, Sister. You'll like this one."

This book was absolutely fantastic! The whole idea of the formation of the universe, and all of the extremely complex chemistry, physics, and things-I-can't-even-fathom, were boiled down into an intelligent but extremely kid friendly presentation in this book. The kids and I were marveling at the miracle of the universe, and we were awe-struck by how incredibly part of the universe humans really are. The book did a great job of explaining from a scientific viewpoint how the Earth and humans came to be.

The book was probably more accessible to my eight-year old niece, but you know what? My four-year old nephew was sitting and listening to it, too--the book was that kid-friendly. The only reason that I'm not giving this five stars is the pictures were kind of "meh." I kind of expected a book about this grand of a thing to have more impressive pictures, but the competency, accessibility, and thought-provoking nature of the story made the illustrations only a minor quibble.