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Cats (Blastoff! Readers: Farm Animals: Level 1)

Cats - Hollie J. Endres Cats would probably be most useful for toddlers, pre-schoolers or kindergarteners who maybe enjoy non-fiction books about animals. Maybe first grade students would enjoy it.

I didn't really think that there was anything terribly special here, though. "Cats have sharp claws." "Cats have soft fur. Cats clean their fur with their tongue." "Cats have whiskers." Really? Don't most little kids know this? Every animal show that kids are exposed to from birth to about two-years old features a cat! Kids know that cats are soft, for pity sake!

It's an ok book, I suppose, but I would have liked to have seen it fill and stretch the child's mind a bit more. There is a lot of interesting stuff to know about cats--certainly stuff that is more interesting to know than that cats lick themselves. My nephew chose this book from the library, and he was completely underwhelmed by it. So was I.