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Ice Hunt - James Rollins As I listened to this audiobook narrated by Ron Dryer, I couldn't help but think that Ice Hunt is modern day black ops meets Jules Verne. The book is full of action, intrigue, vehicle chases, and plot twists, and there are enough explosions and incendiary devices to melt the polar ice cap (which, well, was a distinct possiblity in this book). But wait, there's more! There are also intense life-and-death battles with angry Russians, unprincipled Americans, and Mother Nature in any number of guises. And, since this gala of action is clearly not enough, James Rollins put a cherry on top by throwing in some freakishly horrifying and blood-thirsty creatures (grendels) that could have walked right out of one of Verne's sci-fi books! Ice Hunt does not come up for air! At all! EVER! This line from the book says it all, really: "Guns, grendels, or nuclear bombs; take your pick." That's the kind of book this is.

While the non-stop action was fun (you do need to be willing to suspend disbelief, however), I really noticed and appreciated that there was not one female character in this book that was written as weak or lacking in intelligence and resourcefulness. The male characters treated the female characters respectfully and as equals, and all relationships were based on love. I like action a lot. I like it even better if the girls get to take part in it too, and not in the trite roles of damsel in distress or sex object. There were also some rather sentimental passages in the book, and that is also the kind of book this is.

The only reason that I'm giving this book three stars rather than four is that it's probably a bit longer than it really needed to be. After awhile, all that adrenaline soaked action gets to be a bit repetitive, and exhausting. While I am happy to have read Ice Hunt, I am glad that it's done so that the characters and I can rest!