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From Egg to Spider - Anita Ganeri I am so tempted to put this one on my horror bookshelf, because I detest spiders! They freak me out, and the sight of them makes my skin crawl! This book and all of its lovely, full color photos of spiders tested me to my limit. I had to keep tears out of my eyes as I read this! I hate spiders! My niece, however, thinks spiders are pretty cool, and she is the one who is responsible for this evening's selection. I don't want to discourage her curiosity or her interest, so I couldn't very well refuse to read this book to her, could I? And besides, truth be told, I had already declined to read Black Widows and Fishing Spiders to her.

From Egg to Spider was a very good look at the life-cycle of a spider, even explaining a great deal about what goes on while the spiderlings (baby spiders--who knew?) are gestating in the egg sac. It's a nice book, full of everything that an elementary school child needs for their report on spiders. It might actually be a four star book, but my own sentiments about spiders are so strong, I might be docking this book a little more than is truly warranted.