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Batman Classic: Reptile Rampage

Batman Classic: Reptile Rampage - Katharine Turner,  Eric A. Gordon,  Steven E. Gordon My nephew and I both liked Reptile Rampage. Crocodiles are one of the scariest things to my nephew, and Batman is one of his favorite heroes, so this story was a real nail-biter for him. I liked the story because it didn't rely on violence to move the plot forward. In this story Croc was a person whose life was altered by forces beyond his control, and he was desperate to reclaim the life that was stolen from him. He was an individual who had gone astray in an attempt to save himself, and while he had to answer for his actions, he was also in need of help. Croc was not portrayed as a master villian in need of a butt-kicking from a superhero.

Ok, so now that I made the story seem all touchy-feely, it wasn't. There was action and danger enough to sustain readers who love intensity in their superhero stories, and Batman and Robin were portrayed as superheroes who can physically stand toe-to-toe with the most dangerous and desperate of foes. They were also shown to be superheroes who know when to use a fist and when to use rationality, brains, and compassion. This was a good one!