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The Invincible Iron Man (Marvel: Iron Man)

The Invincible Iron Man (Marvel: Iron Man) - Billy Wrecks, Patrick Spaziante My nephew says that this new edition to his superhero book collection is, "so much cool, we need to give it all of the stars." We're on vacation now, and his mother says that she's read this to him about 15 times already. The story in this is good for a pre-schooler. It provides a great introduction to Iron Man; who he is, why he's a superhero, and what his superhero skills are. In addition, the text is not dumbed down for kids. Words like "invincible," "foes," "challenges," and "innocent" are used. My nephew asked me what all of those words meant, so the book is good for kids with a growing vocabulary. The pictures in this are also well done--the colors are bright and eye-popping, and the action is well illustrated. This is a pretty cool superhero book.