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Maltese Falcon (Audio) - Dashiell Hammett, Edward Herrmann, Michael Madsen, Sandra Oh Oh, I liked this audio production of The Maltese Falcon! I love those old-time radio shows with the manly-man private eye, the beautiful (but dangerous) dame, and that hard-boiled film noir attitude. This production was just dripping with all of that, and I was completely captivated by it. It was a lot of fun to listen to.

I don't know that I necessarily loved the mystery in this story, I mean, it was fine, but what I really enjoyed was the characters and setting of this book. The characters and the setting were so fleshed out, and I can totally see how Sam Spade could be the archetypical hard-boiled detective. Hammett's writing was also crisp, tight, and saturated with mood and style. In fact, as much as I loved this audio production, I almost wish I had read this book, because I would have loved to really spend time with Hammett's writing, I think. I will definitely read more Dashiell Hammett books!