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I Always, ALWAYS Get My Way

I Always, ALWAYS Get My Way - Thad Krasnesky,  David Parkins (Illustrator) This was a good book for my nephew to hear. The girl in the story is three, and my nephew is four, and he is at the age where he sometimes teeters between knowing what proper behavior is and that it's expected of him, and giving in to the powerful "consequences be damned, I want it my way" drive. He was alternately sympathetic toward the girl in the story, and appalled by her antics. It was lots of fun (and very educational to me) to watch those conflicting emotions cross his face as he processed this story. In the end, however, he decided that, "that little girl was acting like a heathen." Yes, she was. Unfortunately, I guess my nephew still kind of wanted her to be able to get away with it, because he had nothing good to say of the parents who finally held her accountable for her behavior. The teetering continues, I guess.