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Rosie and the Rustlers (Sunburst Book)

Rosie and the Rustlers (Sunburst Book) - Roy Gerrard Oh, man, the illustrations in this were so cute and fun! I just loved them. The story was also great, and read really nicely. I loved the diverse vocabulary, and the way it almost read like a cowboy was narrating the tale.

My niece and nephew couldn't have cared less about this book, which surprised me, and didn't surprise me. I thought that the illustrations would draw them in, I was certain that my nephew would love the concept of the good cowboys going to bring in the rustlers. Nah. My nephew was obsessed with how tiny the cowboys were, and that's about as far as his interest in the story went.

So, the kids would probably give this one two stars. But I loved this book, and it's my Goodreads page, so I'm giving it five. :-P