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Batman Beyond: Grounded (Pictureback(R))

Batman Beyond: Grounded (Pictureback - Sholly Fisch I have looked, and looked, and looked for superhero books at my local library, and it has been like searching for a needle in a haystack! My nephew walked in to the library today, and I swear that boy can *smell* a superhero book! He walked right up to this one and pulled it off the shelf just like he knew exactly where it was.

Too bad, though, that this book was cringingly awful. I thought that the plot was terrible, the pictures were not well done, and there was really not much action at all. Plus, it was lame! The moral of the story was, "Listen to your mom, Batman!" My nephew really didn't seem to follow this story at all, but it's Batman, so he said he liked it. I'll say this, though, this is the first superhero book that we've read that he has not asked if he could take home with him. Frankly, any of the superhero "I Can Read" books are better than this work, and look at Spider-Man Versus Venom for better pictures and plot.