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Without Words - Joanne Ryder, Barbara Sonneborn Much to my surprise, the kids really liked Without Words! The photos are accompanied by poems, and my niece and nephew really tend to not like poetry. This poetry, however, was not presented in rhyme, and that's something a little different than what is usually found in kids' books.

There were several animals in the book that were new to the kids (a couple were even new to me!), and the presentations of some of the familiar animals were done in a way that was new to the kids (a photo of the inside of an orca's mouth, a photo of a chimpanzee entwining her fingers with those of her trainer, etc.). At the end of the book there is a page that tells the reader what each animal is, its name, and its gender, as well as some information about what is going on in the photos. This is *very* helpful information for the reader to have for some of the photos, and the kids enjoyed getting this information about the animals, too. Good book, nicely presented, great for a bedtime story.