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Cowpokes - Caroline Stutson, Kevin Hawkes, Daniel San Souci For the most part I agree with Elise's review of Cowpokes. There really isn't a whole lot about this book to not like.

My nephew and I read this book together, and he did seem to be rather pleased with the pictures, but I think that the story was a little thin for him, actually. There were only about 75 words in this story, and while they're well chosen, I just think my nephew was kind of left waiting for the point.

Cowpokes is probably a good bedtime story for a little kid, perhaps a little boy in particular, who is into cowboy things. The illustrations do deserve some time to be looked at and talked about. There are some pretty cute, clever, and funny things on each page, and there is a little prairie dog who is the cowboys' constant companion. He is kind of fun to hunt for, and I'm sure that searching for him would give kids more time to really absorb and appreciate this book.