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Spider-Man: Spider-Man versus Venom (I Can Read Book 2)

Spider-Man: Spider-Man versus Venom (I Can Read Book 2) - John Sazaklis I was really worried about whether or not I should read Spider-Man Versus Venom to my four year old nephew. He *adores* Spider-Man, and he's always been curious about this "black Spider-Man," but boy, some of the picures in this book are intense, and could be a little scary for a young kid.

Now then, my nephew wasn't scared at all. He was completely fascinated with this book, he laughed at several of Spider-Man's jokes, and he was entertained by Venom's frustration at being unable to defeat Spider-Man. He also really liked that Spider-Man resolved this issue the way my nephew suggested; by calling the police.

*I* liked that after we read this book I handed it to my nephew. A few minutes later I heard him "reading" with expression in his voice. I turned around, and sure enough, there he was pretending to read. Getting the boy to like reading is the goal, and I don't care what book gets him there, just as long as he gets there.