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How to Potty Train Your Monster

How to Potty Train Your Monster - Kelly DiPucchio, Michael Moon I'm a little ambivalent as to how to rate How to Potty Train Your Monster. I checked it out for the kids expecting that it would be a book that would make them laugh and guffaw. I thought this would be a comedy. But that's not what reading this book to them was like. The kids were so serious while I read this story to them! I half expected to look up and see them taking notes like they were preparing for a college entrance exam! Not one chuckle, not one giggle, not even one smile, but intense focus in spades! I am pretty sure that they really liked this story, because they did take the book home with them to read at bedtime. But I really didn't realize that I was checking out what seems to be the equivalent of Albert Einstein's Relativity: The Special and the General Theory for them! I guess potty training is a more serious subject than I thought!