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Joker's Joyride/Built for Speed (DC Super Friends)

Joker's Joyride/Built for Speed - Dennis R. Shealy, Erik Doescher, Mike DeCarlo, David Tanguay It's a little tough to rate this book because it's two books in one, which is a great bang for the buck! My nephew really enjoyed Joker's Joyride, and was really into the action. This story is well written--the words do a great job of conveying Joker's jokster personality, and of describing the action going on. It's nicely illustrated, too. The illustrations are bright, and they're full of all kinds of motion, movement and mayhem--great for active little boys, like my nephew, or for girls, too. I'd give Joker's Joyride four stars.

Built for Speed was maybe a little lacking in action for my nephew. He listened to it, and was asking questions about the various super hero vehicles, but it's not like he was on the edge of his seat like he was with Joker's Joyride. I'd give Built for Speed three stars, so maybe 3.5 for both books combined.

This book did come with four pages or so of stickers. It would have been nice if the sticker pages had been perforated so that we could remove the sheets easily. Also, the stickers weren't terribly sticky. I guess that makes it easy for parents to remove them if the kid sticks them to the wall, but it's a little disappointing to the kid if they don't stick so well to paper (which they didn't).