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The Kittens' ABC - Clare Turlay Newberry My niece, nephew and I are not on the same page with regard to this book. I *loved* it! My final cat died last year, and I haven't even gotten to pet, let alone hold a cat since. This book is the next best thing to a living, breathing feline on my lap! Clare Turlay Newberry's drawings are gorgeous! *Gorgeous!* As my freind Pam so aptly put it, "these pictures are full of movement!" Beautiful, spectacular pictures! The verse is also pretty.

My nephew said he liked this book. He *said* he did. I'm not so sure about that. He sure wasn't paying any attention to it, and he was talking about his Power Rangers all through the book, so I don't know that he even heard the book. My niece listened to it, and she thought the pictures of the cats were pretty too, "but," she said, "it's just an ABC book." Well, yeah. But with kittens! :-)

Generally speaking, my reviews of children's books are based almost exclusively on the kids' reactions to the book. This time I'm rating this book from my point of view, mostly because I miss my kitties, and this book let me remember them and love them without having to scoop a cat box as part of the bargain!