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Earthquack! - Margie Palatini,  Barry Moser (Illustrator) I really liked this book! It was clever, funny, creative, and a fun retelling of the classic Chicken Little. I loved the wordplay, the unexpected ending, and I loved the characters (especially Brewster Rooster and "Herman Ermine"). I was expecting this book to be aimed at younger kids. After all, it stars a duckling and it has "quack" in the title. After reading Earthquack, however, I really think the richness of this story is likely to be best appreciated by adults.

Not that kids won't enjoy this book. My niece also liked Earthquack. She thought it was funny, and she realized right away that this was a Chicken Little story. She really seemed to appreciate the author's creativity in manipulating the Chicken Little tale in a little different way, and she enjoyed the twist ending, even offering up a little "HA!" at the end. That said, she certainly didn't pick up on all the wordplay going on in this tale, and I wouldn't expect her to at her age. That's fine--that just makes this a book that she can appreciate on different levels as she ages.

Earthquack never clicked for my four year-old nephew at all. He listened to about half of the first page, and then he was tuned out, off doing his own thing. The text may have been too long, or maybe there weren't enough pictures, or maybe they weren't bright enough, I don't know. This one just didn't grab him on any level. He did see one picture, though, and thought that the rooster and goose had somehow become fused together. That created a few tense moments for him, I must say! Upon closer examination, I can see his point. The chicken and rooster did kind of look stuck together. So, fair warning, the perspective in some of the illustrations may have a little potential to perplex the mind of a four year-old. :-)