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Magnus at the Fire

Magnus at the Fire - Jennifer Armstrong, Owen Smith This book is really a nice piece of work. The illustrations are just fantastic, and what a story! It is exciting, it's emotional, and it's educational. My niece and nephew were so quiet while we read this story (that's *very* rare) that you could have heard a pin drop. I was really surprised that Magnus at the Fire held their interest so completely, because the story is fairly long for a picture book. It's just action packed, and full of ups and downs, and the kids were just glued to it.

As for me, there were points in this book where I could feel myself choking up. I just don't like to *do* that, so if a book can get that kind of emotional response out of me, it's impressive. If you want a movie made out of a picture book, this should be the picture book chosen. Magnus at the Fire has "A Steven Spielberg Film" written all over it. Great job to Jennifer Armstrong and Owen Smith!