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Karate Hour - Carol Nevius, Bill Thomson I really liked Karate Hour because in my youth I was a Taekwondo instructor. This book really made me reminisce about how delightful it was teaching martial arts to kids, and about how big a role Taekwondo played in my life. Karate Hour is extremely well done, and realistically portrays what a good kid's martial arts class is like. I really enjoyed the last several pages of the book where the author gives a brief history of Karate, and stresses that Karate is really all about how to not fight. The poetry in Karate Hour was clean, descriptive, and simple, and the illustrations were just beautiful.

My niece desperately wants to take martial arts, so she also enjoyed Karate Hour. My nephew was not interested in this book at all. Oddly enough, between the two kids, I think my nephew is the natural martial artist!