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Journey to the Center of the Earth

Journey to the Center of the Earth - Jack Sondericker, Jules Verne The narrator of this version of Journey to the Center of the Earth has my admiration. Jack Sondericker took a booorrrringgggg book at at least gave it *some* interest with his narrative style. He is the *only* reason I stuck with this book for as long as I did, and he is the *only* reason I'm giving this book two stars.

I like Jules Verne, I really do. But good *grief* he killed Journey to the Center of the Earth with a pace that was slow enough to allow for the creation and death of a whole new earth! The first half of the book was just spelunking, and not even very interesting spelunking at that. How much relatively uninteresting trudging around underground do readers have to go through in order to understand that it's dark, dangerous, and not nearly as hot as one might have thought?!

And Henry. Poor dear Henry sure spends *a lot* of time either hungry, thirsty, completely freaked out, or blacked out. Such a delicate soul has no business journeying very far from home, let alone to the center of the earth! I'm not sure what he was expecting. Certainly he should have at least suspected that a journey to the center of the earth *on foot* wasn't going to be like a walk in the park! As for me, I'll stick with Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, thank you.