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Hidden Victims: The Other Side of Murder

Hidden Victims: The Other Side of Murder - Violet M. Franck I think that people might choose to read this book for different reasons. I read this book because my family is what Violet Franck coins a "hidden victim," and I feel compelled to try to understand what this means.

I don't know if this book helped me understand that or not. Maybe nothing ever will. But the words that Violet Franck wrote, and many of the shocked scenes that she describes certainly resonated with me. I don't know if anyone who has not experienced murder in their family will really be able to feel the *depth* of the pain, shock, confusion, numbness, fear, anger, helplessness, desolation, shame, and anguish that Violet Franck describes in this book. She does an exqusite job of portraying all of those things, so for "hidden victims," this book may be dreadfully painful to read.

But, it is also a hopeful book to read. I don't think Violet Franck offers any false assurances that the grief will ever go away, and that's good, because we know it won't. And she *certainly* doesn't offer any pretense that life will ever go back to being the way it was, and that's good, because we know it won't. What she does offer is a message that in spite of the horror and catastrophe, life and love finds a way. We will struggle and hurt. But life and love will still find a way.