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Superhero Max - Lawrence David It is unusual that the kids and I will all have the same decidedly negative response to a book, but something about this one *really* didn't sit well with any of us. My niece said, "That was a weird book. I don't think I liked that one," and my nephew, who likes pretty much anything to do with superheroes, said, "I don't like that book. Let's read the other one."

I'm not exactly sure what the author was trying to convey in this story. While the book started out promisingly enough (a new kid at school tries to fit in, and does so with the help of a cool halloween costume), it rapidly became odd, and Max became a little bit disturbing (or perhaps just disturbed?). This was one I wish I had had time to screen before checking it out from the library. If I had, it would not have made it past the shelf.