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Henrietta and the Golden Eggs

Henrietta and the Golden Eggs - Hanna Johansen,  Kathi Bhend (Illustrator),  John S. Barrett (Translator) I liked this book well enough. I liked Henrietta's determination, and her refusal to not even bother to try. I liked the story better when I read it aloud to the kids than I did when I read it to myself the first time through. I think actually hearing Henrietta's determination made the story light up more. The illustrations were very well done, too.

BUT... my niece and nephew couldn't have cared less about this book. I mean, really could not have cared less. My niece, who is older, did not grasp the point of this story at all, and when I was done reading it, that was it. She wasn't even a little bit interested in discussing it. When I asked her what she thought of it, her exact response was, "I don't know, hey, Mama, do you have any gum?"

At least my niece suffered me politely and listened as I read. My nephew, on the other hand, literally sang throughout the entire story. And just in case I wasn't grasping his subtle hint to shut up, his singing grew louder and louder the longer I read. It was a real oratorical/operatic battle that was raging between the two of us!

So, Henrietta and the Golden Eggs? I guess I shouldn't have even bothered to try. But I hope you do.